The following educational programmes are available:

1. Pre-University Programmes (preparation for university studies)
2. Programmes for language certificate exams (four levels, Russian citizenship)

3. Russian for specific purposes (Business Russian etc.)
4. Russian language course for migrants (Complex exam: Hystory, Law and Russian Language)

5. Socio-cultural adaptation programme for foreign learners of Russia

Course content and style

Our courses combine a strong syllabus with a contemporary approach intended to build confidence and motivate students. Imaginative skills work and regular changes of focus are designed to capture students` interest. All our teaching takes place in a relaxed atmosphere because we understand that expressing oneself in a foreign language can be difficult. Laughter and humour help to make our students feel more comfortable about experimenting with the language and more willing to take risks! Our course programmes focus on everyday spoken Russian and therefore all classroom activities are designed to reflect the language people use for everyday communication. The topics and materials used in our programes are chosen to reflect real life with all its ups and downs.

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Pre-University Programmes

This programme is aimed at developing skills in:

  • Russian Grammar
  • Oral communication
  • Making notes and understanding lectures
  • Participating in seminars
  • Writing essays and reports
  • Listening to spoken Russian
  • Reading and writing

This programme provides a General Russian Language Course and helps students to enter the university. It lasts 10 months. Groups consist of 8-12 students. The timetable is 20 hours per week, Monday to Friday. One academic hour is 45 minutes.

Programmes for Language Certificate Exams

These provide foreigners with evidence of fluency in Russian and allow them to take State administered examinations in Russian as a Foreign Language. The following preparatory courses and tests are available at:

  • Elementary Level
  • Preliminary Level
  • First Certificate

Certificate Level (this allows the student to study in any higher educational establishment)

  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth

Participants may start at any time between September and the beginning of June.
The duration of the course may vary from two weeks up to ten months. The subjects may be chosen according to the applicants’ requirements.

Russian  for specific purposes

is aimed at those people who are interested in the Russian economy, mathematics  and doing business in Russia.  The last course especially popular among foreign students. There are two aspects:  the written part helps learners improve their skills in such things as filling in documents, writing reports and business letters; the oral part is designed to help them cope with a variety of practical situations (hiring a taxi, booking a hotel room, sorting out problems with the militia, etc) as well as provide them with the necessary skills to participate in formal meetings and negotiations. This course consists of 8 hours per week. The amount of hours may be increased in accordance with leaners’ wishes. It may start from September till June or it can be summer course if it will be 3 – 6 foreigners.

Russian Language Programmes

are aimed at those foreigners who wish to build and develop Russian Language competence in:

  • fluency and accuracy in communication
  • understanding spoken Russian
  • comprehending reading material
  • improving pronunciation skills
  • polishing grammarCourses can start at any time, and last one, two or three weeks

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